Regional mechanism for market monitoring


In order to cover the relative commitment of the 2014-2020 ROP, which states: “By completing and fully implementing the Labor Market Needs Analysis System at national level, the Region will establish a mechanism (which may alternatively be a regularly updated study ) to diagnose the needs of the regional labor market, in order to function effectively to achieve systematic and periodic identification of the required skills and occupational needs. Until the development of the above regional mechanism, its adoption by the competent bodies of the Region and its operation, no action for education, training or skills development will be initiated by the ESF of the ROP “an external consultant was commissioned to carry out a study entitled : “Study on the Diagnosis of the Needs of the Regional Labor Market in the North Aegean”.

The purpose of the study was to systematically identify and record the needs of the regional labor market in skills and occupations in order to enable the appropriate training and skills development actions to be taken from the ROP.

The deliverables of this study are:

  1. «Survey of job offers and job queries as well as job designators in the North Aegean»
  2. «Identification and evaluation of needs in skills and occupations – specification of actions under thematic objective 8 of the North Aegean ROP 2014-2020»
  3. «Identification of a regional system for recording labor market needs»

The third deliverable and the relevant update identified a regional system of reliable and valid recording of the needs of the labor market, outlining the real needs of enterprises in specialties and skills so that the planning of the interventions responds to the needs of the real economy and to the needs of the unemployed . The aim is to effectively combine supply with labor demand to support the effectiveness of actions to combat the structural dimension of unemployment

The regional labor market needs system also provides for the necessary methodological tools required to efficiently gather qualitative and statistical data for diagnosing needs on a regional basis, to process and analyze the data collected and to ensure the possibility of updating on a timely basis necessary information but also the relative interconnection and compatibility with the respective national mechanism for recording the needs of the labor market of the European Union.

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